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Spray Guns

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Spray Foam Polymers Spray Guns

Air Purge Spray Guns

Air Purge Spray Guns provides the operator with an easy to operate, easy to maintain, highly reliable spray gun that can be used in a variety of applications. This air purge design offers quick and easy output and pattern changes by changing the mixing chamber right from the front of the gun with no dis-assembly. Read More...

Spray Foam Polymers Spray Guns

Mechanical Purge Guns

Mechanical Purge Guns provide the applicator with a spray gun that has been designed to reduce operator fatigue and facilitate application control. With this aim a new ergonomic gun handle has been developed and placed at the center of balance to equalize weight distribution and provide enhanced stability during the application. Read More...

Spray Foam Polymers Spray Guns

Looking for Graco Fusion Gun Parts?

View and download the Plural Component, Impingement MixAir Purge Spray Gun Parts manual here. Give us a call and we'll make it easy to find the right part for your gun. Have a question? Want to order? Call us at (800) 853-1577 Read More...